The T-70-II is an improvement on it’s predecessor the T-70-I the Mark 2 supports a much fast print speed increasing from the 170mm/s speed of the mark 1 to 250mm/s vastly increasing the speed at which it will print text and even graphics. Quiet, compact and space-saving, the TM-T70 is specifically designed for under-counter operations offering total ease-of-use for ultra-fast transactions.
Built with the same high-quality and reliability as our world-renowned TM-T88 printer series, the TM-T70-II’s unique design, functionality and speed makes it the ideal solution for many applications, from high-volume sales environments such as convenience stores to the most demanding fast food outlet, restaurant or bar.
These printers support a dual interface connection, the first being an inbuilt USB-B connection and the second being an interface card of your choosing (Serial / RS232, Ethernet, etc.) Meaning the T-70II is perfect for connecting in any sort of manor.
Included in Sale
1 x Epson TM-T70-II
1 X Serial / RS232 Interface
Key Features
Front-facing controls offer total convenience
High-resolution graphics, text and barcodes for maximum impact
Ease-of-use features include drop-in paper load and auto cutter