Experience the New Generation POS Systems
Simple, Reliable and Affordable

Experience the New Generation POS Systems
Simple, Reliable and Affordable

One easy, efficient, powerful POS system

Product and customer search

Quickly add products to the sale by typing in keywords or using a barcode scanner. Easily find customers by name or phone number.

User accounts and permissions

Create user accounts and define permissions for each of your staff depending on their role. Customize to align with your store processes, and keep sensitive information hidden and secure.

Cloud Management System

Manage Products

Create different sizes, colors.You can track inventory down to the variation and even have different prices per variation.

Cloud Reporting

Cloud Reporting allows your restaurant/retail to track sales, revenue and workflow instantly on all mobile devices.

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Friendly support from the professionals

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The Point of Sale Platform
Powering the Most Successful Restaurants

Easy-to-use software that can scale with your business
Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time
Hardwired terminals and offline mode so nothing slows you down
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Simple, flat rate payment processing for all transactions
Tableside ordering and payments, with digital receipts, to grow your
customer list

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    POS Professionals has produced a fun to use Pos program (POS) designed for Restaurants that allow techs to handle Customers, Sales & Providers all in one place.
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